AudioMate is now open source!

Dear users!

We have decided to open source AudioMate and encourage any OS X developers to contribute to the project which is now hosted in GitHub.

Here’s the instructions on getting the source and setting up all the project dependencies using CocoaPods — you’ll need Xcode 5 or later, and some basic git and CocoaPods command:

git clone --recursive [email protected]:The9Labs/AudioMate.git
cd AudioMate
pod install

After that, all you have to do is open the workspace in Xcode using open AudioMate.xcworkspace and then Project > Run (or ⌘ + R using the keyboard).

The latest build of AudioMate 2.0 is now also available as a free download. For more information, please check Audiomate’s website.

AudioMate 1.2 update now available

List of changes:

  • Changed: New application icon and logo
  • Added: master output volume control
  • Added: master output volume and mute state notifications
  • Enhanced: Status bar information can simultaneously display the sample rate together with: 1) the master output volume (in 3 different formats: dB, percentage, and graphical) or 2) the clock source of the selected audio device.

AudioMate 1.2 is available now for sale on AudioMate’s website and also on the Mac App Store.